Saturday, July 31, 2010

Making your 'Yard Work'

I don't want you to think I am lazy. But, sometimes, things happen, and other things get tossed to the back burner. This is one of those things. When we bought our house about 5 years ago, our double intown lot needed help. Mind you, it was and is a great lot. It was just...empty. Over the years, we have added the usual things....a garden, flower beds, kids playset, a bigger garden, more flower beds. The area between our house and garage has always been a giant eye sore. Ugh. It is shady, sunny, weedy and a plain awkward area. Two years ago, this area became 'my area' to do with whatever I wanted. It was to be a planting area. I had pots and potting soil, hand trowels, watering cans. I was ready to begin my adventure. Then, one of those things happened that causes other things to be put on hold. My mom got sick. Really sick. With the travel and lack of time, most of our garden became overgrown that year and of course, my area the weeds. I am happy to report she is doing wonderful (thanks to God and an awesome medical team!). And so last year, I was ready for it, seems very difficult to tend to anything OTHER than a newborn! Which moves us to this year. Today to be exact.  :)  I turned this little are into a cuter place for around $35. The cost of a scoop of mulch. I pulled weeds, trees, and slugs out of this spot, tilled up some dirt to make it a bit more workable, laid the stacks of sandstone half hazardly around, and scooped shovel-fulls of mulch. (lots of them!) I am so tired. I had some yard timbers given to me, so I staked them along the edge of the driveway and sidewalk with hopes of keeping the dirt contained. (not all over the concrete) I used a handsaw to cut one timber to fit the angle. I know you may look at it and think it is not all that impressive. But to me, it is a huge accomplishment. Nothing grows there (except weeds!) and now it at the very least...looks presentable. While shoveling mulch, I added a fresh layer to a few 'neglected beds' and we extended our 'front path' about two or three feet. My hands, arms and back hurt, but I am so happy with the outcome. I think I will take it easy tomorrow :-) 

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