Monday, January 25, 2010

My Little Accomplishments

While my 'cold and cough' still seem to be lingering, I have decided to 'ignore' it and continue on my way. I FINALLY finished my daughter's iPod holder and I am happy with the way it came out, especially since I did not use a pattern. Here are a couple pitures, although a little blurry!

At a recent vist to JoAnn's, I got the idea to make the girls' Easter dresses this year. So, I have the pattern and I am currently working on a cute little yellow tank top. With all hopes that it comes out ok, I will be forging ahead with the dresses. The BEST part is that the girls have decided to have MATCHING dresses this year! This will be the first time since my 4 year old was 7 months that they will be wearing ANYTHING matching! Yahoo!

The 'worker' guys who are insulating our house will be finished tomorrow. I am so excited to have the project done and those guys outta here. Please believe me that I love the completed project, just that all that dust, insulation and other 'bs' was just about enough for me!

One other thing I did this weekend, which was the smallest change, but such a big impact, I moved my kitchen table from long way to short way. It is a decent sized rectangle and turning it just one turn, made such a difference in our kitchen. I love it. Now I am looking around the house for something else to change up and improve.

With the beautiful weather we had over this past weekend (although it is back to yucky weather now!) it made me start to look forward to Spring! The seed catalogs are rolling in and I can hardly wait to get out there and till some dirt and get the kids involved! No more buying tomatoes! Do you garden? Are there any hybrids you enjoy and could recommend? I am ALWAYS looking for something cool and unique for the kids fall in love with! Last year it was the mini eggplants.....what will it be this year?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It continues...

Ok, so while I am feeling better, my little man has the hacking cough and runny nose again. Hoping for some help from the doc on this, but we'll see I guess. My stepson is home sick today, probably what we already all had. Poor guy.

I started on a few projects, just to find out what I need to finish both, I don't have! Ugh! This is my biggest pet peeve. Well, ok, one of my many! When was the last time you saw buckwheat hulls at your local store? Let alone, what are they!? I am hoping to sub dried corn and achieve the same effect. I will post a few pictures when I have the project finished. I nearly have the iPod case done, just the bias tape I picked is a little too narrow and I guess I will need to go with a wider type. Of course, I have many other colors and sizes, just not the one I need for this!

So, I was wondering today, do you feel guilty when you have to stay home with your kids because they are ill? I usually volunteer at my girls' school on Mondays and Wednesdays, but due to my step son being home ill and hoping to get some feedback from my doctor, I missed today. I just feel so guilty. Trust me, I really enjoy my days out of the house! I look forward to these days! So I just wondered if it was just me?

I think I will look through a new book I got from a wonderful friend for Christmas. It is filled with neat things to make with only one yard of fabric. Wonder what I will find...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Recovering with the Lysol Bomb

So, in this bright new year, such hopes had arose like eating healthy, getting more things organized and staying healthy. Poo. The icky pukey flu bug has ravaged our house like me with a pack of Oreos after the kids have gone to bed! Ugh. Laundry, dirty dishes, grocery shopping. It is all there taunting me, laughing at my well intended plan to stay 'above' being ill. Well, it happened and luckily I am recovering. My darling Hubby cared for me yesterday, along with the three kids, including a more a momma's boy than a daddy's boy 9 month old. There were naps, cold glasses of water, chicken broth and, yes, wait for it....HE DID A LOAD OF LAUNDRY! What a sweet relief it was to hear the washer a washing before bed last night. I woke up refreshed and ready to go...well, at least I was able to have my morning java. Spent the day catching up and eyeing a few craft projects. Oh yes, and taking care of my sickie Hubby.

So my craft projects in my mind include a few picture frames I picked up super cheap at garage sales this past summer. With a newbie, there are lots of memories to capture. So, I am thinking of a few unique ways to do so, with out making it look like a collage of pictures crammed on my wall. Also, my 7 year old has taken over my old iPod and I am working on a small case for her to tote it in, along with the earbuds. Yes, I kow you can buy these things, but why should I if I have the ability to do so myself? Cheap.

So, hopefully this week is set for sunshine and good times. Kiddos are back to school tomorrow. Of course the men who are working on insulating our house come back too. Ready for them to be done. I know it will be great to have the work done, just an inconvience during the day. Such is life!

Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Year

So as I get ready to join the world of blogging, I find myself at the beginning of a new year. Last year was a trying and difficult year, but with my heart, I believe God will grant me the strength to take on 2010 with a fresh outlook. Small pieces of who I am, who I truly am, are beginning to resurface. I must say, I am not generally a deep and reflective person....well, maybe a little bit. I am a fun loving person. I am trying to find the balance of girl/woman/mother/wife. Is it possible?