Thursday, July 8, 2010

In Which I Ramble Aimlessly

We are in the thick of summer here and that generally means, no down time. My stepson is on a traveling baseball team and three out of four weekends in July are being spent on the road. He really enjoys it, it is a great experience and personally, our family enjoys it. The girls have their friends from our 'regular' league and my little guy is doing well, toting his bat and ball everywhere he goes. I like the traveling team better, selfishly, because I know more parents. If you have a child in ball of any sort, you know the feeling. Not to mention, I am the stepparent and most times don't 'qualify' (or feel like I qualify?) as friend-able material. Am I alone on that? I would love to hear how others feel.

Our garden is in full swing as well, after a slight detourance from the rabbits. Sadly, they met their maker, no PETA responses please. I love the little furry things too, until they ate ALL my it is game on! My 4 y/o has an eggplant coming to maturity and my 8 y/o is anxiously awaiting her peas. My stepson chose to plant blue pumpkins and he checks them everyday. 

While doing the daily Walmart run yesterday, I noticed the school supplies are out. Stop. I have a confession. Those of you who know me, know what is coming next. School supplies are my addiction. I can probably stock my daughters' entire class...I love school supplies. The folders which match the notebooks, loose leaf paper, the smell of freshly sharpened pencils.......ahhhhh. So I have been searching blogs of homeschoolers lately, as these are the people, whom I feel, are so organized and ready for school. The principals they follow inspire me to get on board! Do you happen to follow any great ones? Let me know!

My home projects are all waiting patiently in the background. My hubby is so wonderful as he sees these half finished things and knows the time will come (September) and someday will be finished. I hope you are all enjoying your summer. Life goes so quickly. Enjoy it to the fullest. Love, Emily 

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