Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Good Stuff

I've been a busy girl this summer. Lots of changes and fun and crazy moments. A lot of tears and sad times too. There were days I didn't think I would make it through the night. There were nights I wished would never never end. I tried new things. Things that scared me, things I was told {somewhere along the way} that I could not do, things that made me laugh until I cried and things that made me cry until I had to laugh. It was awesome. And when I think back to all these wonderful little memories, I could see them all in my head. Like an old movie reel....

So I opened a Word doc late one night. and I started to jot down things that made me smile. And then, I realized that some of the things that made me cry.....became a part of something bigger and more wonderful. So I added them too. Soon, I was looking a pages of black and white memories that all made me smile. was so....plain. So I looked at what I had written....and I fonted and colored and sized and I came up with this. I had the pages printed on cardstock, cut them to size and mod podged the poo out of it onto a canvas board. I started to use a brush to spread the MP, but the crazy little artist that lives in my head tossed that little brush over her shoulder and used her hands. My piece is not 'to scale' and it isn't perfectly aligned, but you know what? Neither is my LIFE! And the best way to get the most out of anything thing is to get you hands in there and make it happen.

It was a lot of fun to do and my girls want to do some too now. I bought smaller canvases and boards for them to play with. Hey, anything to keep their minds open to the wildly creative side of life, I am all about. Hope you all have had a wonderful summer...and this fall is looking pretty darn great too!



Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back to WHAT!?

Summer is in full effect in our tiny nook of the world with lots of changes for our family as well, and quite has been CRAZY! I decided to head back to work {after 5 years at home} and why did I decide to do this over summer break? Umm yeah. Anyway...the kids are doing great with our mix it up sitter schedule and granted, it is only part time, and they {we} enjoy the break from each other. But it really has put on hold a lot of my crafty creative~ness at home. My garden is weed-ridden and the flower beds...well...I keep hoping those really tall things BlooM!! Perhaps part of our new outdoor jungle growth is because we have been enjoying our summer to the fullest. Lots of pooltime, water toys, sprinklers, late night fires & smores, catching fireflies and many many suppers outside. Which is why, I had a *smallish* freak out realization the other day. Did you know the stores have their Back To {GASP!} School things out!? How did this happen? I am the crazy lady with my kids backpacks packed and ready to go, like...a week after school is OUT. I am seriously torn between giving in to my sadistic obsession of smelling pencils and filler paper or continuing my frolicking good time summer. And I want to call out the stores and say, NO! You are wrong! We still have blah blah blah amount of time before we need to worry about that, but guess's like 5 weeks away. So, I'm sitting here blogging, eyeing the Lands End 'BTS' catalog and rocking out to some summer tunes. I think I will choose to live in denial for just a bit longer....after all, They are only kids ONCE : )    

Friday, June 10, 2011

There are times I am 'SO' on the ball, and other times {like lately} where I can't seem to get anything right. Saying this, I cannot find any 'before' pics. Grrr. So, imagine, a white ladder back chair with a light oak seat.....the boring plain-ness of it. Ahhh...but then...Cherry Red spray paint {can you hear the angels singing?} and yes...mod podge and sheet music fabric. Yes. A perfect combo for my daughter's new desk chair. She loves it, I love it and it only cost $2 for the chair. SWEET!