Friday, May 28, 2010

Let The Summer Begin!

Yay! It is the last day of school today for my girls! This week has been filled with baseball games and practice, softball games and practices, preschool graduation, a neighborhood birthday party, most of which all seemed to be happening at the same time. I am so happy to have the school year behind us. We have lots of plans to make this the BEST summer ever. With the girls wanting to learn to help me with the daily cooking and trying to keep them on the right path with learning activities, I have been spending more time reading blogs than writing my own. There are so many amazing people out there! I found a ton of links from the Tatertots and Jello blogsite. Go check her out. It is definately worth your time. Our plans for this great Memorial Day Weekend is to get the garden planted. Extremely wet conditions have held us up, but things are looking awesome now! The kids are planting their own veggies as well. Hopefully we can make this a summer long 'growing' experience. Enjoy your weekend and remember to honor our servicemen and women, this weekend and everyday! 

Monday, May 3, 2010

Ya Gotta Wonder...

I have been on a grand vacation in the Bahamas, sipping fruity little drinks on the beach till the wee hours of the morning. My tan is to die for and a maid was tending to the petty chores that needed to be done......

WHATEVER! Things have been CRA-ZY the past couple weeks and I am just sitting back recollecting the memories and playing them in my mind over and over again. My baby, well, you know, she's seven...made her First Communion this past weekend. What a grand time it was! How I love our Faith. The ceremony was perfection and she was stunning. They all were stunning. Little girls in their white little dresses, the boys in ties, some with little suit jackets. Oh. So. Sweet. I won't lie, I spent weeks, ok, perhaps months, wondering what we would do to celebrate the day. A big party, a little party, a buffet, just hors d'hourves, cake, cakes, how many, oh, I love a good party. So as Friday approached, the weather was so nice and we were playing outside when I spied it. Now, ya gotta wonder why, of all days, just two days before the rather biggish party, I would lay my eyes upon a new project? Not one of the many thoughts I have in my head on a daily basis, a completely new one! Do you do this? Is it my ADD/ADHD/OCD/LMNOP? But I DID complete the project and we even got to use the lovely little item for the party. A salvaged 'tea tray' gone past its prime. What do you think? I love it and I am so glad it is ready for daily summer use now. Cheers!