Monday, July 12, 2010

Why use Dad's old one?

When my little pumpkin-head (she is a red-head) started Kindergarten, her supply list said she needed a paint shirt and next to it said (one of dad's old shirts). This cracked me up mainly because I wear my hubby's teeshirts when I am pregnant and cannot fit into 'normal' maternity pjs. Our little tiny then 5 year old, would never be able to effectively paint with her dad's old shirt on. So....I thought about it. One of my old shirts probably would have worked, but her big brother had outgrown a long sleeve teeshirt type garment. In order to make it easy for her to get on and off by herself (think about 'after' it is worn and has paint on it) I came up with this. 
I cut the back of the shirt open right down the center. I folded over the edge and ran it through my sewing machine. Nothing fancy, just a basic stitch. At the top along the collar, I sewed Velcro on each side. Now she just slips her arms in to the shirt, and the Velcro piece stick easily together (no teachers help required!) and Viola! She is a painting fool! The arm length fits pretty well, but she can fold them up if needed. We used fabric paint on the front and added a handprint to it for the start of second grade last year. It is a really easy summer project, especially for those really hot days when it is 'too hot' to be outside, or a rainy morning activity too.
So last year when my youngest daughter need a paint shirt, I used one of my old shirts (because it was pink and long sleeved). I didn't think she needed to have the Velcro, as she was in preschool and it just seemed easier for her to put it on over her head. We may 'update it' for kindergarten as it still fits her well. I did sew the sleeves up to an appropriate length on the pink shirt. (folded and stitched)
I hope you liked these very simple and easy paint shirts. You could really go crazy with them, but they are gonna get messy! Can you tell I am starting my 'back to school' engine? I am working on organinzing my school supplies for here at home. I will share more with you next time, but here is a sneak peek. Enjoy! Love from Emily

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  1. LOVE IT! :) We had to supply a "specials shirt" that the kids decorated themselves at school - but I like your idea sooo much better.