Tuesday, July 20, 2010

School Holiday Party Boxes

I am nutty. I know this, my kids know this, our school knows this. Of course, most of my friends are nutty too! When our oldest started Kindergarten, it just so happens, some of the other 'Kindergarten moms' were just as loopy as me. Come class holiday party time, our 12 student class could probably have fed the whole school. Treat bags flow freely and arts and crafts are off the wall awesome. But we LOVE to do it. We are all still close as our kids venture into third grade this year. Do remember third grade? I think it is the time of grade school when treat bags start to dwindle off and snacks are reserved for birthdays. (sigh) Luckily for many of my 'mom friends' we have a new batch of Kindergarteners this year. Yippee! I tend to buy treat bags after the holiday when they are super cheap. I love super cheap. In my scrambled mind, I have had an idea of how to effectively organize all these supplies. This week, I just finally did it. I bought matching plastic shoe box type containers and whipped up some labels. Popped the labels on with self sticking laminating sheets and put the 'Valentine's Day' treat bags in the 'Valentine's Day' box. I am so happy to have this very simple thing done and ready for the new school year. And yes, I could have used boxes I already have, but I wanted them to stack and fit nicely.

I chose to make birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and Easter boxes. (our school has a big fundraiser for St. Patrick's Day, so that is why I included it) You can easily make whatever holidays you wanted and any size too. These work for me and I will use them, which is the whole point.  :-)   Lots of other ideas are floating around me right now and since we finally finished our baseball season (but soon to be football season!) I feel like I might have a bit more time to finish some things up. Back to school shopping is done and I have to show you my all school year supply storage ideas. Hope to have that done soon. Looks like the crew is done with lunch, so I will chat more later. Enjoy your day and do something you have been putting off...you will feel so much better!  Thanks & Love, Emily

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