Monday, February 1, 2010

Kicking it into Full Gear....well...kinda...

So, the next round of sickies have come and are on their way out...I hope. I have not had this many illnesses in my house, ever. I am really wondering if it is because of the insulating we had done? Although it was not too dusty/messy, it still did stir up a lot of stuff and maybe years of 'illnesses' were included in our 'dust'. Anyway, I hope to do better blogging and keep up better.

I spent most of last week doing some detail cleaning after the guys finished our house. We also have a friend couple that just moved into their new house they just built and I took supper to them a few days, in hopes of making at least their evening a little less stressful. I also took a Taco Pie to a dear friend whom helps me with my little guy. He really is a mama's boy and she is severely underpaid by me, but I try to make it up to her! I really enjoy taking meals to friends. It gives me such a warm and toasty feeling. Oh, and we had a bake sale for my second grader last week too, so mini Valentine cupcakes were made as well. It was such a fun week.

I am making progress on the tank top I started and have hopes of finishing it this week. I must say, no matter how many patterns I use and things I sew, I find some of the instructions extremely difficult! It shouldn't be harder to read them than to actually SEW the item!

I flipped my calanders today to kick off the new month. My step son's birthday is this Sunday...SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!  And as he turns 11, I finally (think) I found an awesome gift he will love. It is killing me to wait to give it to him, but we must be patient. He is having a rough few weeks at school lately and I hope this helps.

My second grader is attending a mini cheer camp this week and has the game this Friday to cheer at. Mama couldn't be more proud or excited. Ahh the memories of high school cheerleading. (sigh)

Well, a small basket of laundry is staring at me right now, so I guess I should tend to it. Wonder if all the socks will match tonight!?

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