Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chaos is just another day!

It has been 'one of those weeks' in a major way. Last weekend, my cell phone died. Not the battery, didn't drop it in the 'potty', it just flat out died. Stress. No phone four kids. Eerrrrr. Luckily my new one will be here Tuesday, although I doubt I will be able to use it 'correctly' for a few days after that! Kids were home Monday for President's Day, which I believe they should have been IN school to learn about the day, but what do I know?! Tuesday my little man had his big old 10 month check up. We went in healthy, came out with an ear infection, a new inhaler for possible asthma and a watchlist for reflux issues. Eerrrrr. Wednesday brought a school delay and a cancelled computer volunteer day, which allowed me some long needed time with my little man to help the healing process. Also, Wednesday was Ash Wednesday, so we spent the evening eating Tuna Noodle Casserole with Panko Bread Crumb topping and getting our little ash crosses on our foreheads. That was a great night. I love Lent and I hope to have some helpful posts over the next few weeks in regards to preparing for Easter, my FAVORITE holiday! Thursday was uneventful (I think) and Friday brought a sick sick sick four year old. Poor baby had a terrible cough and still isn't up to herself yet. Saturday brought the dreaded midterm report of my stepson, age 11, fifth grader. Hmmm. A 'D-' and a 'D' in Reading and Language Arts. An 'A-' in Math, with a note that he is not appling himself. EERRRRRR. The frustration. You see, we are the 'mean' parents. The ones that make sure the homework is not just done, but understood and engraved in your skull. Our lives revolve around homework/schoolwork/reading/vocabulary JUST for this one child. He STRUGGLES with this, but we forge on. Midway through the lecture, I told my hubby, let's just let him go. Let him succeed or fail on his own. Obviously we are not being heard, so let's see what he can do on his own. The worst that could happen is he will fail and have to repeat the grade. Is that so bad? So, we emailed the teachers our plan of attack and will wait to see where it leads. Any thoughts out there in Blogland? I would love to hear your thoughts and/or advice. Stepparenting is hard. Help is good.

On a lighter note, here are a few pictures of some things I have been working on. A few bibs to donate to our school auction and a simple bag to tote to church for the kids. I also included a sampling of some very cool and inexpensive fabrics I picked up this week at Joann's. Hope your week goes well. Take care and stay safe!

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