Monday, February 8, 2010

Fun New Things

What a great Super Bowl to watch this year! I really didn't have a team I preferred to win, but I must say, I am very happy for the New Orleans Saints. Way to go guys, and way to keep your class in the process too. We had a little get together with our neighbors and in unison, celebrated my stepson's 11th birthday. I don't know if you have any step children, but if you do, it is a labor of love. My stepson is a unique young lad that I have had the pleasure of knowing since he was 16 months old. When we was a pumpkin, we got along great. But, as things have changed, he has grown, new babies come along, his parents have their issues, I feel at a loss most ofthe time he is with us. We have shared parenting with primary custody. Basically, we have him from Sunday to Sunday every other week. The primary just keeps him legal in our school district. In our state, at the age of 12, you have a say in which parent you would rather live with, if the change is of interest. I wonder what he will do. They say kids love disipline, but I guess we'll see!

I have taken on a new 'hobby' and I use the term VERY loosely! My friend over at So Not Donna Reed, has hooked me up with a wonderful lady on YouTube and I can say, my crocheting is going pretty well. How stressful it was the first billion times I watched and tried to follow along, but when it snapped.......aahhhhh.....the  fun began. Here is the first project I have started. A scarf for my little man. 
As I said, it is a project I am still working on and it is FAR from perfect! But I am learning and having fun.

On the cooking front, I whipped up a Soy-Orange Pork Loin the other night, with vegetable rice and steamed veggies. Luckily the kiddos and their Dad loved it. I had a bit left over and made a gravy with the shredded pork leftovers and served it over some oriental rice and vermicelli tonight. Just to see how he would do, I chopped a small bowl up for my little man, 9 months old. HE LOVED IT! In fact, I steamed some carrots for him as well and he ate all those too! Looks like another foodie for me, ha ha. 

Well, I hope everyone takes the step to try something new this year. I am having so much fun learning things I never thought I would be able to accomplish. Is there anything you want to try?

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