Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Book of the Month..or Every Other Month..or Quarterly..

See! I told you I had 'hopes' of getting a book suggestion every month, but that I was sure I would slip. Well, let me tell you why. I bought this book for my BFF last year for Christmas. Her lovely mother had been ill and had Alzheimers as well. When I saw this book, I had to get it for her. She loved it. In fact, she gave it to me to read...and I loved it too. When I returned the book to her, she gave it to her sister. Sadly, their lovely mother passed away in September. The book has sat at the sister's house, unable to be read at this time. I am suggesting this book because it's a deep and beautifully written novel, and no matter your family structure, you will be enveloped into this story. Yes. You will probably cry. But who doesn't like a tearjerker every now and then?  For me personally, the dynamics of each relationship in this book, pulled something from my own life. I lost my grandma two years ago during a very stressful time for our family. She was my 'mother' every summer until I was 9 years old. {I was raised by a single working mom, she needed a break too!} She was sassy and funny and you always knew where you stood with her. She didn't fear telling you her thoughts on anything. Sometimes you liked it, most times you didn't. But she loved me so. She would randomly tell me things, just so out of the blue, and I remember these things nearly every day. I wish my girls had these memories. I wish my little man could have met her. Months before she passed, I was alone with her in the hospital and I told her good bye. I knew she understood, she was still sparkly-eyed but she also knew her time was coming. As I sat there telling her my heart, she had a tear roll down her soft cheek. My grandma rarely cried. Forever I will remember that night and I will always remember what she said. It is mine to hold. When she passed away, I wasn't with her. I was with my mom, fresh out of her life saving and life altering surgery. I told my mother her mother had passed away. The events of that time are burned into my heart forever. I hope you give Things I Want My Daughters To Know a chance. I haven't read a novel yet by Elizabeth Noble that I didn't like! As always, let me know what you think! Thanks and happy reading... Emily

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