Monday, November 1, 2010

Bring Back Thanksgiving!

Perhaps our family is freakish. (seriously...we are) But REALLY? Christmas stuff comes out before Halloween is even over? Did 'they' forget about Thanksgiving? I will admit, our personal holiday decorations are lacking in the Turkey Day decor, but this year.....I kicked it up a notch.

The hubby's birthday is at the end of November. Every few years, Thanksgiving falls on his birthday, or visa versa...whatever you choose. When the little red-headed curly girl was about 3-ish, said holiday did just that. And so it began. Turkey Daddy. Since that fateful day many years ago, turkeys have crept into our lives. And this year, I want to share with you... 
The Turkey Wreath!

Oh be still my heart : )

Honestly, I set off to find a feather or fur boa at Joanne's, but that didn't happen. I DID find funky fur yarn on sale and I. Fell. In. Love. Wrap it up with a $2 bag of feathers and a clearance turkey for a buck. Yay! I had a styrofoam wreath form which I spray painted a coppery color, but you could wrap it with ribbon or fabric if you had it on hand. I like cheap, I had the paint ; )   The only 'problem' I ran into was the yarn was so 'stringy' it knotted up as I wrapped. So, like every other mom, I used what I had on hand...a can of soup. Perhaps 'knit masters' have special 'tools'....I am not one of those gifted people (hee hee) But, it worked for me and that's what I did today.
I hope you like our newest turkey and I hope you take a few spaces in your life to be thankful for all that you have. I won't fib and tell you our Christmas tree won't be up by Thanksgiving, but the 'big' deco has to wait until after we give thanks for all we have. Love & Thanks, Emily

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