Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Every Day is a Blessing

Yep. We are smack dab at the half way point of Spring Break here in our house. I would love to say it is all cheery and fun and sheer joy radiates from our home, but...I can't lie! The weekend started off rocky, as my step son's grade card showed up in the mail. WTF?! Way to ruin a child's Spring Break! The thought process of his school never ceases to amaze me, but THAT is a whole other post. Anywho, he went to his mother's 'house' for the week, so I just have my three little devils  angels. Monday brought a GORGEOUS day of 80 degrees, sandbox fun, bike rides and the skipping record of..."MMMMOMMM.....(other child's name) is throwing sand, pushing me, touching my bike", etc. etc. Ugh. I wanted to call it quits then! But, no...we continue on. Tuesday brought the same wonderful weather so we loaded up, the three kids, ages gonna be 1, 4, and 7 and me. Yep. We packed our lunches, put on sunscreen and headed out to the zoo. We did it all. The train, the carossel, all the animals we could see. Oh the joys of it all. How much fun I had watching my little 'creations' (ok God's creations, my blessings) absorbing all the sun and fun and the smiles, oh the smiles! We stayed all day. My little man did not nap until the ride home. He was so tired, but did not want to miss a thing. The girls played so well with each other, held hands, stayed together. Oh it was Heaven to me. We had take out for supper, but that's ok because the day was spent being productive in other areas. Today was a bit rough, but my 7 y/o woke up with the pukies this early morning and we spent most of the rainy day inside playing Wii, painting suncatchers and working on her First Communion banner. All in all, it was a good day but hoping we all feel better tomorrow. The rest of the week includes lunch with their favorite Aunt B, bowling, shopping for summer things, a welcome home party for Daddy on Friday and getting the little man's birthday party plans all wrapped up. Not everyday is how we plan it, but we must look at the blessings in every situation. Praying you all have a blessed week. Love, Emily   

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