Monday, January 18, 2010

Recovering with the Lysol Bomb

So, in this bright new year, such hopes had arose like eating healthy, getting more things organized and staying healthy. Poo. The icky pukey flu bug has ravaged our house like me with a pack of Oreos after the kids have gone to bed! Ugh. Laundry, dirty dishes, grocery shopping. It is all there taunting me, laughing at my well intended plan to stay 'above' being ill. Well, it happened and luckily I am recovering. My darling Hubby cared for me yesterday, along with the three kids, including a more a momma's boy than a daddy's boy 9 month old. There were naps, cold glasses of water, chicken broth and, yes, wait for it....HE DID A LOAD OF LAUNDRY! What a sweet relief it was to hear the washer a washing before bed last night. I woke up refreshed and ready to go...well, at least I was able to have my morning java. Spent the day catching up and eyeing a few craft projects. Oh yes, and taking care of my sickie Hubby.

So my craft projects in my mind include a few picture frames I picked up super cheap at garage sales this past summer. With a newbie, there are lots of memories to capture. So, I am thinking of a few unique ways to do so, with out making it look like a collage of pictures crammed on my wall. Also, my 7 year old has taken over my old iPod and I am working on a small case for her to tote it in, along with the earbuds. Yes, I kow you can buy these things, but why should I if I have the ability to do so myself? Cheap.

So, hopefully this week is set for sunshine and good times. Kiddos are back to school tomorrow. Of course the men who are working on insulating our house come back too. Ready for them to be done. I know it will be great to have the work done, just an inconvience during the day. Such is life!

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