Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It continues...

Ok, so while I am feeling better, my little man has the hacking cough and runny nose again. Hoping for some help from the doc on this, but we'll see I guess. My stepson is home sick today, probably what we already all had. Poor guy.

I started on a few projects, just to find out what I need to finish both, I don't have! Ugh! This is my biggest pet peeve. Well, ok, one of my many! When was the last time you saw buckwheat hulls at your local store? Let alone, what are they!? I am hoping to sub dried corn and achieve the same effect. I will post a few pictures when I have the project finished. I nearly have the iPod case done, just the bias tape I picked is a little too narrow and I guess I will need to go with a wider type. Of course, I have many other colors and sizes, just not the one I need for this!

So, I was wondering today, do you feel guilty when you have to stay home with your kids because they are ill? I usually volunteer at my girls' school on Mondays and Wednesdays, but due to my step son being home ill and hoping to get some feedback from my doctor, I missed today. I just feel so guilty. Trust me, I really enjoy my days out of the house! I look forward to these days! So I just wondered if it was just me?

I think I will look through a new book I got from a wonderful friend for Christmas. It is filled with neat things to make with only one yard of fabric. Wonder what I will find...

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