Friday, October 1, 2010

A bit of 'Tweaking'

Have you ever set up a system, be it pantry, bill paying or otherwise, only to find that you out grow the system? My school paper organizing has been operating like a well oiled machine......until this year. I am not sure if it is because we have three kids in shool or the homework and papers coming home is higher this year or what! But it just.wasn't.working. So, in typical 'Emily' fashion, I decided to tear apart our pantry and REVAMP the shelving and storage area. typical 'Emily' fashion...I got bored. (hee hee) So I went outside during nap time and painted some more window trim. By the time the kids were home from school, I had the 'new' shelf up and running in the kitchen. 

I use crockpots about 4-5 nights a week. It is essential they be in my kitchen. I have tried to store them out of the way or in the pantry, but it just irritates me, so they are back for good. The girls are starting to pack their lunches a bit more regularly and everytime we opened the previous cabinet where we stored the supplies,most of the stuff fell out and, yep, you guessed it! irritated me. : ) So, I put it all in a basket on the shelf and viola`! Happy place.

To keep the paper clutter in control and help reduce the search time of supplies I put a wicker type tray I had laying around to use and a plastic storage box. I went old school with stickers and card stock for simple labels. It sits high enough on the shelf so my lil man can't attack it, but low enough for my 5 y/o to put her papers in place.

Something fun I have started with the girls lunch packing this year in the use of bento boxes. Silicone muffin holders are a huge help in keeping things seperated in their lunches and you can also freeze applesauce in them and use them as ice packs within the lunch. I stopped at Goodwill today and found a full set of heart shaped one for $2. I nearly did a happy dance.

Here are a few other items I found that just make me smile. The glass dome has been on my mind for a while and normally they are about $2 at Goodwill, but today it was marked for $1 and it was the 'special color' sticker sale, so I got it for 50 cents. Woot! The dish is just a pattern I really love and keep hoping I run into a full set some day. I don't have any mini loaf baking dishes but I do now and it only cost me $1. My Goodwill trip today totaled $6 and some change. It included a foam wreath form and part of my 8 y/o's Halloween costume as well. It was a good day.  

The busy-ness of the weekend is upon us and I 'suppose' I should finish putting the pantry back together. I hope you enjoyed my rambling today, and hopefully you'll stop by again!

Love, Emily

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