Thursday, August 19, 2010

Finally, Bed Time!

A while back, a good friend (also my cousin) gave me this toddler bed. It had been through the loving affection of two little girls and was in the process of being decoupaged with stickers. ; )

The wood is solid and in great shape. My thoughts raced over all the possiblities of redo-ing this bed. The darling four year old thought PINK would be a great color for her little brother's new 'big boy bed'....Daddy and I, not so much. I re-enforced the wood slats under the matress by wood gluing the ends. I did this in my kitchen....thus the soup cans.

After it dried, I went about spray painting and came up with this...

I am REALLY happy with the outcome! I had planned on adding a vinyl robot or something cute & fun on the headboard, but right now, I am loving the solid bright new color. The best part is that the little man loves it. He has a few months before (I think) he will actually sleep in it, but that is ok. This was a big accomplishment for me, especially with all four kids here this week, along with their friends and football has started and back to school is next week and it has been about 98% humidity for two weeks straight. I feel pretty good. So thanks for stopping and I hope you are all having a great last hurrah for summer.
With Love, Emily 


  1. WOW, what an amazing before and after! That bed is so totally adorable. Love, love the color. Great job - have a wonderful weekend :-)


  2. I'm loving this color! Great choice!
    Also, really liking your "tools"! LOL!
    Very ingenious!