Monday, June 14, 2010

My $1.50 Jackpot

I was able to get to a few garage sales this past Saturday. With our kids' sport schedule, I don't usually get the chance, mostly because if you have four kids, you know you don't want to take them all with you. So, hubby was home and one was at a Girl Scout day camp and the other was with his mother. So, hubby, lil man and my blonde one headed to a little community garage sale. Our first stop included a home with a garage and a barn sale. Very promising for BOTH hubby and I. He took to the barn, kids in tow :) and I wondered around the garage. Not much really, but then I stubbed my toe on a box on the floor......a very plain box with a $1.50 scribbled across the top. I asked the lady if it was that price for the whole box, and indeed it was! To me, vintage fabrics are AWESOME. And most of the box contained large yardage or small scraps of a mixture of fabrics. How happy I was toting my big box of $1.50 fabrics to the truck. I share a small sampling with you and hope to share some of the things I make with you down the road too.     

The green puppy dog is ONE of my favorites!

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